Hours Update: Thursday - Sunday, 10am - 6pm, Starting July 7th


Work at Greendale Acres

Greendale Acres is a family owned and operated agritourism farm located in the beautiful Fraser Valley.  Our farm provides the community with a beautiful space to gather and create memories. We provide a fun, outdoor and fast paced environment for employees.  The farm has a variety of positions where we encourage our employees to find a role that best suits their skill set.

Look for our fall Corn Maze Season Hiring – July 22nd



  • Fire pit setup and attention
  • Empty Garbage and Recycling
  • Weeding
  • Garden maintenance 
  • Wiping down and cleaning surfaces


  • Checking customers in and using point of sale
  • Answering information questions
  • Welcoming guests to the farm
  • Checking in groups and parties
  • Selling Merchandise
  • Selling seasonal flowers and farm products

Concession/food services

  • Taking orders and using point of sale
  • Making drinks – Lemonade, slushies, coffees and hot chocolate
  • Scooping Ice-cream
  • Grilling & Preparing burgers and hotdogs
  • Washing Dishes
  • Restocking